Cap Ferret is a beautiful peninsula of 20 kilometres long, bordered by the waters of the Atlantic ocean on the west side and the waters of the Arcachon bay on the east side. Pine wood trees, oyster farms, winding roads, magnificent villas are on the daily menu.

Opposing the offshore bar of endless golden sand beaches several oyster farming villages are skirted by the waters of the bay: Claouey, Le Four, Les Jacquets, Grand Piquey, Petit Piquey, Piraillan, La Vigne, Canon, L’Herbe, La Vigne, Cap-Ferret.

Close together, a handful of small beaches sprinkled with oyster sticks watch over following up with the ocean tides.

Le Four (the oven) is the smallest fishing village of the peninsula. It takes its name from an oven which was once used to produce the resin for the bottom of the fishing boats.

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Well-hidden between the dunes, the bay and the very few oyster cabins, the village of Les Jacquets is the right spot for a relaxing moment along the waters of the Bay.

The villages of Petit-Piquey and Grand-Piquey were both named after the sand dune (piquey is a gascon word meaning sand dune) overlooking the bay on which the two villages were built. The eye will be delighted by some of the most beautiful villas of the Peninsula.

Truly authentic and quintessentially natural, Piraillan is another charming village which represents one of the most dynamic fishing districts. Its daily summer
market provides not only fresh sea food, but also other local products.

Unarguably, the village of Canon could be described as a harmony of vivid coloured fishing cabins backgrounded by vivid yellow mimosas and oyster shell paved alleys.

L’Herbe is probably one of the most authentic fishing villages. Oyster & fishing cabins invite you to enjoy a platter of oysters, whelks, shrimps and a glass (or two) of wine. Do not expect to find any vines in the village of La Vigne, which nowadays hosts the main Cap-ferret’s marina. A winding road provides a breath-taking view of the bay and of the Pyla sand dune.

The road will eventually reach the end of the peninsula – Cap Ferret. Watching over as the waters of the bay and the waters of the Atlantic ocean merge, a sudden feeling of having reached a sort of end of the world boosts.

You can explore the Cap Ferret peninsula during an entire day, either by driving through its wonderful and unique villages, or aboard a typical Pinasse which will allow you to sail around the Île aux Oiseaux, Banc d’Arguin national reserve and the Pyla sand dune.


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